Dr Jamil Salmi

Global Tertiary Education Expert, former Tertiary Education Coordinator

World Bank

Jamil Salmi is a tertiary education expert providing policy advice and consulting services to governments, universities, professional associations, multilateral banks and bilateral cooperation agencies. Until January 2012, he was the World Bank’s tertiary education coordinator. He wrote the first World Bank policy paper on higher education reform in 1994 and was the principal author of the Bank’s 2002 Tertiary Education Strategy entitled “Constructing Knowledge Societies: New Challenges for Tertiary Education”. In the past twenty years, Dr. Salmi has provided advice on tertiary education development, financing reforms and strategic planning to governments and university leaders in more than 80 countries all over the world.

Achieving world class university status

In the past decade the term ‘world- class university’ has become a catch phrase to describe research universities at the pinnacle of the tertiary education hierarchy.

Until recently, being deemed world-class was based mostly on perceived reputation. No rigorous measures existed to quantify the inputs and processes that lead to the status of world-class universities.

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  • Analyze the determinants of high level university performance
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  • Align drivers of success and improve university results
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  • Understand the use and limitations of ranking metrics
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  • Explore effective benchmarking approaches

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